John Atkinson is a great electrician! He came and did just what we wanted in half the time I was expecting! He also bid half the price of the other guys I had come look at my project. We will definitely be using him for our other electrical needs for finishing our basement, if he doesn’t mind! Thanks John!

Once you’ve met John Atkinson and had the privilege of his assistance with anything that starts with “el” and ends with “ectrical,” you can never go back — you’ll never even have the desire to use any another electrician ever again.

We first met John a little over 8 years ago when he was under the employ of another electrician who was helping us repair some severe electrical problems to our newly remodeled custom designed home caused by the shoddy dishonest work of another electrical subcontractor. Not long afterwards when John decided to start his own company, we were so impressed by his kindness, exceptional knowledge and expertise that we made the decision to make him our electrician for life, a title only bestowed upon the very elect. (As in elect — a really great person, not as in elect, an abbreviation for electrician).

For the past 8 years, John has continued to add more and more unusual custom lighting to our home, to my husband’s law firm, and to our cabin up near Brighton. Most of the projects we’ve needed him to do have been difficult, time consuming and complex. He always figures out a way to accomplish what is required — and does so with such dedication and professionalism. His genuinely cheerful personality makes him so pleasant to be around and his sense of humor has lightened the tone and improved many a difficult day. John feels like part of the family.

He can be trusted to do a job safely, correctly and get it completed for a fair price. John is honest through and through. My close friend is a fantastic general contractor who uses John on as many jobs as he can. He recently told me that he’s never seen such a detailed invoice from any electrician in his entire career as the ones John sends out.

John has an incredible range of skills within his specialty. He does everything from installing heat tape to our roof during severe winter weather to climbing up on high roofs, and up to high ceilings, to wiring unusual and very expensive light fixtures to crawling around in hard to get around in attic spaces as well as in crawl spaces, to dusting very expensive and in many cases irreplaceable light fixtures, to installing a generator to wrapping heat tape around plumbing pipes and everything in between — and has dropped everything on several occasions to help us avoid some serious issues when we’ve been out of town. He not only goes above and beyond the extra mile, but goes the extra kilometer as well.

John is both clever and creative and is a real problem-solver. And he is so kind to research the most economical and best kind of light bulbs, thermostats, switchplates, etc. The most impressive quality about John aside from everything previously mentioned however, is the amount of real genuine patience he has with the never-ending list of questions we seem to have about all of our electrical projects. And believe me, there are lists upon lists so he has many opportunities to practice an increase in patience. I kind of don’t want to think about what would happen if our list for John at home, office, and cabin were to come to an end. It might mean “game over”. As in really “game over”.

So anyway, a huge shout-out to John Atkinson and the incredible talent he provides to us as well as all of his clients. He’s definitely worth waiting for so start making your electrical list and call to get on his schedule!!!


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